Myofunctional Therapy / Frenectomy

Myofunctional therapy is an innovative treatment program that can help many individuals achieve a healthier and better night’s sleep. This non-surgical option is designed to retrain orofacial muscles that may not be functioning properly, which can lead to airway obstructions and breathing problems that may exacerbate sleep apnea or other sleep conditions. By improving muscle alignment and strengthening tongue muscles, myofunctional therapy can serve as an effective option for ideal candidates. Dr. Michael Fulbright and our experienced team can meet with you to evaluate your concerns and determine whether myofunctional therapy is right for you.

What Can Myofunctional Therapy Do for Me?

Myofunctional therapy can be used on its own or in conjunction with other sleep apnea treatments to reduce the possibility of orofacial muscles and tissues creating a blockage in breathing passages. Orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs) are often the root causes of orthodontic problems and unhealthy sleep conditions. Myofunctional therapy can be particularly advantageous for the improvement of tongue positioning and for strengthening oral muscles during sleep, ultimately helping to minimize the potential development of an airway obstruction.

Dr. Fulbright can evaluate your needs to determine whether myofunctional therapy will be a good option to include in a comprehensive sleep apnea treatment plan.

If you believe you would benefit from myofunctional therapy, take this quiz below to find out if the treatment is right for you!

Quiz: Do I need Myofunctional Therapy?

What Does the Myofunctional Therapy Procedure Involve?

Myofunctional therapy involves an ongoing series of oral and facial exercises developed by extensively trained professionals who will customize a full program to your specific needs. Basically, myofunctional therapy is a way to restore strength and proper functionality and alignment to certain orofacial muscles. In cases where sleep apnea is the primary concern, exercises will likely be focused on the tongue and muscles/tissues which may be prone to creating an airway obstruction during sleep. After your initial myofunctional therapy treatment session, you will be provided with detailed guidelines on how you can continue the treatment protocol at home, and we will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and modify the therapy as necessary.

What Is a Functional Frenectomy?

A functional frenectomy may be advised if the lingual frenum (the muscle attachment under the tongue) is found to be contributing to issues with the tongue’s position during sleep. Releasing the frenum could potentially be necessary in order to achieve more effective results from myofunctional therapy for sleep-disordered breathing. Once your needs and concerns have been evaluated our doctor can talk with you about whether a functional frenectomy may be an ideal treatment to include in your treatment plan.

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