Does Sleep Apnea Disqualify You From a Truck Driver’s License?

For truck drivers and others trying to obtain commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs), a diagnosis of sleep apnea can be a deciding factor as to whether they pass their mandatory physicals. Moderate to severe levels of sleep apnea may ultimately be disqualifying; however, that determination may change if the individual undergoes treatment for sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is typically considered a medical condition that can have a negative effect on an individual’s ability to safely drive a commercial motor vehicle. If the required physical for a person seeking to obtain or maintain their CDL results in a diagnosis of sleep apnea, the CDL may be denied. While many individuals who suffer from sleep apnea may claim they have never fallen asleep while driving, the fact is that sleep apnea can cause many other problems that may compromise safety. These include effects on a driver’s alertness and ability to react quickly, as well as his or her overall focus and performance. Untreated cases of sleep apnea can ultimately increase risks of a fatigue-related accident. With effective treatment for the condition, a driver may be able to achieve the requirements for successfully maintaining their commercial driver’s license.

Dr. Michael Fulbright, our sleep apnea dentist in Redondo Beach, has seen a number of truck drivers here at our practice who are seeking sleep apnea treatment after a sleep test has found that they suffer from the condition. We offer numerous advanced sleep apnea treatments for truck drivers and CDL drivers, including alternatives to traditional CPAP therapy that are designed to be more comfortable, convenient, and travel-friendly. If you would like to explore the many treatments available that can address sleep apnea and help you qualify for a commercial driver’s license, please don’t hesitate to contact Fulbright Snoring & Sleep Solutions today. We can provide you with additional information, or we can assist you with scheduling a free consultation here at our practice.